PF 2018 bug fixes on PC and CONSOLE

Here is the full list of bug fixes and feature changes added in version 1.1.5 on PC.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with motion blur
Improved reflections and brightness on realistic mirrors
Fixed issued with the positioning of the header i the vehicle shed
Fixed an occasional issue with detatching the front header
General vehicle diagnostics fixes
Various fixes to Sipma Dromader
Fixed occasional issue where inputs were blocked when using loaders
Minor physics fixes to Redlands Champion
Minor UI fixes
Fixed a rare error in which you could not enter a vehicle after loading the game
Physical corrections of the rear weights

Gameplay changes

You can now get vehicle information via the tablet – not just in the workshop
There are now more tips available on loading screens
The L200 now has loading animations
Pallets are now marked with their contents
Your tablet is now a Dell

You can now update your game to version 1.1.4. Here is the full list of changes:

Added first person option outside of vehicles
7-day weather forecast added to tablet home page
Further worker AI Improvements
Added option to turn off UI without going to menu
3rd plane mountains look better now
Better looking birds
Greenhouse balance changes
Greenhouse notifications no longer show up so often
Slight tablet navigational improvements to remove clipping with notifications
Improved avatar in customization menu
Fixed issue with overlapping images in vehicle selling menu
Fixed issue where horsepower of Redlands Transplanter differs across languages
Fixedmodel name for WP6
Fixed issue where two icons for the same action would occasionally display
Fixed issue where the Hire Worker option would not display
Fixed an issue where minimap markers behave erratically in some challenges
Fixed an issue where buttons in the menu would sometimes change positions
Fixed tablet scrolling issues
Fixed issue where the Hire Worker option would display during loading screens
Minor level collision fixes
Slightly polished level art (we’re a Polish studio after all)
Memory leaks related to fields fixes – improved stability.
Player will no longer have negative money when paying a loan
Improved consistency of Drone “noise” effect
Fixed various errors in capacity description of machines on tablet
Fixed various visual errors related to brightness of fences
Fixed issues with loading/unloading boxes to and from storage buildings
Worker will now turn the combine wheels while steering
Silos now show their capacity in accordance to player’s choice of units (imperial/metric)
Silage bales fade out when thrown into WP6 (previously they just disappeared abruptly)
Reduced size of coffee beans in DB8000 trailer
Doors no longer open so quickly and sound better
Increased DB8000 load/unload speed
Fixed physics errors upon load
Combine animations should no longer lock upon teleporting the machine when it works
Reduced speed of Lindner DLC tractor
Custom map marker no longer stays forever upon taking specific steps
Icons for inputs now scale properly
Player no longer has to re-enter the activation circle of animal buildings to upgrade them or buy animals
Fixed camera issue while carrying bales
Added a conveyor belt sound effect while loading potatoes
Added the option of changing the tips displayed on loading screens
AI should not leave strips of unfinished work on the field any more
AI should turn back halfway through the field if the rest of the field does not require any work.
AI using a baler should work correctly now, not interrupting its work after finishing a single line
Fixed bugs concerning wrong key assignment
Fixed animations in the potato storehouse
Fixed coordinates display in the travel menu
Fixed bug that displayed a false amount of grain being sold on the tablet
Fixed bug that interrupted the unloading of eggs
Fixed bug that made vehicles slower when transported to a different country
Fixed the ability to pay off loans in installments
Fixed the camera when changing vehicles or camera modes
Fixed the scope of work for “Sipma Boryna” and “Sipma Antek”
Fixed audio in the potato storehouse
Fixed potato animation when loading
Added information about machine capacity on the tablet
Audio improvements – eliminated additional noise when machines are working
Introduced a number of improvements concerning object collision on the map
Visual improvements in scenes
Improved game balance

PF 2018

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